This is a page out of an unfinished comic book called ‘Tree People’ by Axel. An Ovidius style tale.


This is a paining of Axel by Ann Els. On the photograph this painting was based on, there was a kitten called Stinky lying on his chest. The cat tragically died of a big disease with a little name a couple of weeks later.

Puppet n°1

Ann Els loves making puppets! This one was found behind our piano after being missing for a couple of years.

Unused ep cover image

This is our daughter Yoko in our garden. She is looking at a menacing sky while standing on a small trampoline. I love this picture because of it’s ambiguous character. The title of the EP would have been ‘Tidal waves’. While most songs that would have been on this EP will remain unreleased, the titlesong will feature on our upcoming EP ‘Black House’.