A comic book page by Axel part of a series called Revolver, once published in Ink, a long gone comic magazine.

Kid with afro

This illustration was artwork for an animation series that is in the (deep) freezer.


An illustration from a children’s book ‘Pluis’ by Axel that probably will never see the light of day.

The big dick song

Illustration by Axel of a travel companion floating in the Dead Sea. He was actually singing this, I assume, self-written song.

Freaky painting

An old painting by Ann Els. We keep it in the basement because it is too scary.

Rorschach illustration

An artsy drawing by Axel. It’s sort of a Rorschach test kinda image. You can see whatever you want in it. Or can you?

Bird boy

This crocheted big bird was the direct result of Ann Els’s sleepless nights following the birth of the kid holding the bird. Axel slept like a baby during those difficult moments. According to Ann.

Tree people

This is a page out of an unfinished comic book called ‘Tree People’ by Axel. An Ovidius style tale.